How to set up email addresses and boxes
About Creating Email Boxes and Forwards

1: Create your email box (user)

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2: Forward more addresses to this box
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3: Add this address to Outlook etc.
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About your Hosting Control Panel in General

Hosting Control Panel Overview

Find an overview of your Control Panel Here
How to access it, how to make the most of it!

Install software, back up your site, upload files and check your mail, all in one spot. The new Hosting Control Panel at Coolcom Premium Web Services has a load of new features that make it fun and easy.
Where is your CPANEL access info?

Hosting Control Panel Access Information

Your info is in your Client Centre Panel at Coolcom
Access that at

Your hosting panel is at
Just insert your own domain and follow it with /cpanel and you'll find yourself at your login screen. Have fun and be creative!

How to upload your web pages

Via your Hosting Control Panel

Log into your Hosting Panel to Transfer Files
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Via your FTP (File Transfer) Software

Your FTP software will need info to do it right
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Via your Hosting Control Panel

Frontpage, Dreamweaver or Site Software
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